Simple Audio Licensing.

ausyn enables team collaboration across music clearances for film, tv, video games, content creators and branded content.

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Music licensing is complicated and heavy on the admin.

We've simplified the licensing process for large projects, ensuring that your team are
delivering on time and within budget.

We call it simple audio sync. ausyn.

End to End Project Management

Monitor and collaborate on everything, from initial curation to outgoing requests and invoice payments.

File Management

Store essential files associated with requests to ensure the whole team are on the same page with license progress.


Keep track of all contacts, past and present. Share them with your team.

Email Integrations and Templates

Save time formatting repeatable emails with our template designer. Sign in and send emails from directly from your Gmail.

Project Analytics

Ensure your project is running on time and on budget with our suite of project analytics.

Cue Sheet Generation

Export cue-sheets with the click of a button.

Made with love.

Built by music supervisors.

Music-centric project management.

ausyn allows the entire team to keep track of project status from start to finish.

Get feedback in real time, directly on the app.

Track license status across multiple spots.

Ensure legal and accounts teams know when to invoice and contract.

Deliver on budget, and on time.

Spend time being creative.

Ausyn takes the repepetive tasks out of the equation.

Save on repeated emails by using our template designer for requests.

Issue confirmations at the click of a button.

Ensure all rightsholders are accounted for, and all approvals are still valid.

One click cue-sheet export.

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